"Acrylics" with Vivi Palegeorge

(Monday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon)
Class objectives are:

  • To demonstrate a variety of techniques such as:
      • Working wet in wet,
      • Blending,
      • Using variety of brushes,
      • Glazing,
      • Texture,
      • Colour mixing.
  • To study the methods and techniques of both past and present masters.
  • To learn how to eliminate unnecessary detail.
  • To teach composition, design and tonal concepts.
  • To cover points of interest for tackling landscapes, seascapes, still life, streetscenes and figures.
  • To perform an outdoor painting session in acrylics.
  • Provide constructive critique on any work completed.
  • Create colourful, vibrant works that catch the eye.
  • Encourage students to develop their own style by working from their own reference source.

And, most importantly ……….  To have loads of fun!